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with your being

We help you to heal, harmonise and balance your body, mind and soul so you can feel fullness again.

Recover your sense of self

It is possible that you are experiencing symptoms like bad mood, lasting sadness, fear, worries, anxiety or physical discomfort…

We will work to achieve relief of the symptoms and their underlying cause to help you heal, harmonise and balance your body, mind and soul so you can feel fullness again.

If you feel disconnected from yourself, from others and the world and your are experiencing any symptoms, I can help you find your sense of self-connection and purpose through the observation of yourself and the expansion of your consciousness.

Therapies and Workshops


Professional and ethical Reiki therapy, to heal illness, eliminate stress, relax and feel happy through the channeling of “universal energy”.
In our sessions you will release the blocked energy from your body to achieve a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

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Holistic therapy

At Nao Ikigai I merge several techniques and holistic therapies, facilitating the healing process in a totally personalised way.
Helping you with Ayurveda nutrition, Energy Cleanse, Bach Flower Remedies , Aromatherapy, NLP, Direct & regressive Hypnosis and Auriculotherapy.

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Check the workshops and courses we organise monthly in the center. Disciplines that will help you on your path of self-knowledge and inner awakening.
In our programme your will find Reiki courses, yoga classes, meditation and nutrition workshops, among others.

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Your Holistic and Natural Therapy center

Nao Ikigai is located in the center of Alhaurín de la Torre overlooking at Finca El Portón.

I will be pleased to help you, both in person and remotely.

I am Naomi, I was born in the Netherlands, my roots are in the Moluccas Islands and I was raised in Spain, this mix has given me knowledge and values of different cultures.

I am Usui Japanese, Usui Tibetan, Karuna Lee Rand & Reiki Jin Kei Do master. Certified among others in Ayurveda Nutrition, Bach Flowers Remedies, Aromatherapy, NLP & Hypnosis and Auriculotherapy. And currently enrolled to become a Transpersonal Coach

Do you wish to begin this journey?

Please contact me to answer your questions without commitment.

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